We are open to provide care! We are doing our part to keep everyone safe. If you have an upcoming appointment and experience flu like symptoms, please call us to reschedule or discuss alternative arrangements.

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Emergency And Critical Care

6e87686c-46ed-40c6-927f-392407bf2dd7In any emergency, seconds count. Since Dr. Langerhans and most of his staff came from a 24-hour hospital, they all have extensive experience and expertise in emergency and critical care medicine and surgery.

24-hour Emergency care and Critical Care is now available daily including holidays by our doctors and staff. Emergency care and critical care is offered during regular business hours daily as well.

Our experienced staff is backed up by our well equipped and stocked hospital to administer the necessary treatments, diagnostics, surgery, monitoring and care for any emergency or critical situation that is presented. If the need arises we are here to provide 24-hour around-the-clock critical care and monitoring whether it is an internal medicine or trauma patient.

The hospital does provide emergency and critical care services for many of the veterinarians and animal clinics in the area. If someone has a primary care veterinarian or clinic and needs to utilize our services when their pet's doctor is not available we are here. When approved by the client we will forward the medical records to their primary doctor. This is to keep one's primary doctor aprised of their patient's medical condition.