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Laser Therapy/Pain Management

ffb73263-3c88-464d-9446-c3ec8c9e810fVeterinary patients feel pain and discomfort under the same circumstances as people do. We know that recognizing and alleviating pain in animals is the essence of good patient care.

In addition to conventional drug therapies for pain management the hospital is equipped with the latest Laser Therapy system

Laser therapy is a modality of treatment of many conditions but mainly to alleviate pain and stimulate healing of tissues.

The system is used as a sole treatment or as an adjudicative treatment for many conditions to reduce pain, swelling, and promote healing - post-surgery, traumatic injuries, chronic and acute arthritis, chronic ear infections, spinal disorders, some skin conditions, and certain oral conditions

Many of the conditions can be helped to the point of needing minimal medications for treatment. Since many conditions require protocols of several treatments the hospital is currently developing treatment packages for different conditions.